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Thick Glitter Glue

Thick Glitter Glue

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The ORIGINAL One Coat Wonder! Embrace the brilliance, embrace the sparkle – transform your creations into mesmerizing works of art with Thick Glitter Glue. Let your crafts shine brighter than ever before!

Crafted for Crafters, by Crafters: Immerse yourself in the magic of a water-based adhesive meticulously tailored for artisans, ensuring a seamless blend with paints, colorants, and mica.

🎨 Versatile Masterpiece: Achieve excellent coverage effortlessly, embracing both fine and chunky glitter without tedious pat-downs. Seamlessly seals wood, glitter, and transforms temporary vinyl into a permanent masterpiece.

🌟 Unrivaled Sparkle: Elevate your projects with a dazzling shimmer that adds a touch of enchantment to every creation, captivating the eye with its radiant brilliance.

🏆 Professional-Grade Brilliance: Designed with small businesses in mind, Glitter Glue offers a professional-quality solution, guaranteeing an extra shine that sets your projects apart.

🚫 Eco-Friendly and Odorless: Experience guilt-free crafting with Glitter Glue, devoid of VOCs, ensuring an environmentally conscious approach. Plus, enjoy a low to no odor, making your crafting experience pleasant and enjoyable.

🕒 Lightning-Fast Drying: Watch your creations come to life in record time! Glitter Glue dries in just 15-30 minutes, adapting swiftly to your climate, enabling you to move forward with your artistic vision without delay.

✌🏼 Two options to choose from: Choose the OG Glitter Glue or the Thick Glitter Glue. OG Glitter Glue is a thinner formula, Thick Glitter Glue is a thicker viscosity. It all comes down to personal preference, both are incredibly easy to work with and versatile for all of your project needs. 


Do's and Don'ts of Glitter Glue

Can I use heat to speed up the drying process?: No! Do not add any additional heat once you apply this product. Being a water-based product, heat will cause a reaction and impact the overall appearance and functionality of Glitter Glue. 

Can I use Glitter Glue to seal my glitter?: You can! Just use light coats and keep in mind it may take a second coat depending on the glitter or material you're trying to seal. 

What if I need a second coat of glitter? ! We suggest that you dry brush the first coat of glitter to help assist with maximum binding of the second layer of glue and glitter, but glue the second coat the same way you did the first and apply your glue.

Does one formula work better than the other?: Nope! A lot of crafters will use the OG Thinner viscosity with finer cuts of glitter and then will use the Thick Glitter Glue for chunky glitters but you can use either formula that you like. Both will level out evenly when dry. Keep in mind, the thicker the formula, the longer it will take to dry. 

Can I use Glitter Glue with an epoxy-alternative?: Yes! Glitter Glue works great with an epoxy-alternative coating as well as Epoxy. Just make sure to let the glue dry completely before coating. 

Does it matter what brush I use to apply?: Not necessarily, we love a fine bristle brush like makeup brushes or our Witches Brooms to apply the glue just because it will give it a good, streak free coverage. 

Why did my glue repel off my project?: Our glue is water-based and against some surfaces may repel. You can prevent this by giving your project a good sand and cleaning with rubbing alcohol to make sure your surface is completely clean of any chemicals that the glue might not love! This should prevent anymore repelling. 

Will the Glitter Glue work with Turbo Epoxies/Epoxy that is branded to cure in less than an hour?: No! Those epoxies are Polyaspartic, which is not real, normal epoxy. It doesn’t react well with water based products which can cause bubbling under the surface even if the glue is completely dried. We suggest avoiding those products when using ours. 

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