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Summerween Mystery Box

Summerween Mystery Box

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 Summerween Mystery Box by Adhesive Apothecary

Unveil the mysteries of Summerween with our exclusive mystery box, curated by Adhesive Apothecary! Dive into a magical experience with unique and enchanting items that will ignite your creativity and imagination.

**Inside the Summerween Mystery Box:**

1. **Exclusive Double-Sided UV DTF Wrap**
- Designed by Cerras Shop Creates
- Printed by Gracefully Created
- A beautifully crafted wrap that adds a touch of summer magic to any project.

2. **Motionless Magic Layers**
- 2 Brand-New Layers: Discover the latest innovations in magic layers, adding depth and mystique to your creations.
- 1 Previously Released Layer: A timeless favorite to complement your new additions.

3. **16oz Suspended Levitation Solution**
- A mystical solution that defies gravity, perfect for creating enchanting, levitating effects.

4. **Mystic Hook Syringe**
- A versatile tool for precise application of your levitation solution and other magical concoctions.

5. **Two New Potion Elements**
- Enhance your projects with these exclusive potion elements, each bringing a unique and magical twist to your work.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchantment of Summerween with this thoughtfully curated mystery box. Perfect for both seasoned crafters and those new to the world of magic, this box promises to inspire and delight!

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