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Magick Tack

Magick Tack

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Experience the Magic of Creativity with Magick Tack!

Unleash the enchantment of crafting with Magick Tack – a repositionable adhesive that transcends the ordinary, designed to elevate your creative endeavors to new heights! Crafted for artisans, DIY enthusiasts, and visionaries, Magick Tack is your key to a world of boundless possibilities.

🌟 Versatile Wizardry: Whether you're working with foils, burnishing glitter using the tack-it method, or adhering glitter, ribbon, micas, pigments, chameleon flakes, and beyond – Magick Tack weaves its versatile spell across all artistic mediums, giving you the power to create without limits.

Repositionable Sorcery: Feel the magic in your fingertips! Magick Tack grants you the ability to adjust, refine, and perfect your creations until they align with your artistic vision. No more limitations – only endless possibilities at your command.

🌌 Professional Enchantment: Achieve results that sparkle with professional enchantment. Magick Tack not only secures your creations with a firm hold but also ensures a polished, flawless finish that radiates the essence of craftsmanship and artistry.



Do's and Don'ts of Magick Tack

Can I use heat to speed up the drying process?: You can but very little and while moving the heat gun back and forth instead of holding it over one spot because you don't want to burn the adhesive in the process.

How do I know when it's ready and "tacky": Especially for the tack-it method, you'll want to wait until your glue is clear! That's when it's the tackiest. If you are wanting to be able to reposition something possibly, we suggest applying your crafting medium while it's still white and not dry/tacky yet.  

Can I use Magick Tack with an epoxy-alternative?: Yes! It works great with an epoxy-alternative coating as well as Epoxy. Just make sure to let the glue dry completely before coating. 

Does it matter what brush I use to apply?: Not necessarily, we love a fine bristle brush like makeup brushes or our Witches Brooms to apply the glue just because it will give it a good, streak free coverage. 

Why did my magick tack repel off my project?: Our adhesive is water-based and against some surfaces may repel. You can prevent this by giving your project a good sand and cleaning with rubbing alcohol to make sure your surface is completely clean of any chemicals that the glue might not love! This should prevent anymore repelling. 

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