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Levitation Solution - Step 2 for Drip Kits

Levitation Solution - Step 2 for Drip Kits

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The Levitation Solution - Step 2 is the solution needed for your drip & tints. Please keep in mind that regular levitation solution will not work. 

This does NOT come with the Step 1 colorant. 


Do's and Don'ts of Levitation Solution Drip Kits

Can I add mica powder or glitter to the drip kits?: Yes you can but only to  the colorant portion(sold separately), not step 2! Mica and ultra fine glitter will work, but it's not suggested to use fine or chunky glitter.  

Can I mix different colors of the step 1 if I have them to achieve a different color for my project?: Yes you can! We just suggest you do this separately in a container so it mixes thoroughly and then add it into your cup. 

Does this work on all types of snowglobe tumblers?: Yes! These kits are formulated to work in both glass and acrylic snowglobe tumblers. Please note that some glass tumblers have seen staining when using these drip and tints. This is not a flaw with the product but more of an issue with the fact that glass is porous and sometimes the ink will stain, where acrylic is not porous and the ink would not stain it. 

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