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Get Lit -Motionless Magic Layers

Get Lit -Motionless Magic Layers

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Elevate your snow globe tumblers with Moon Shoes, the ultimate suspended levitation solution in a pure white hue. Our Motionless Magic Layers allow for these solutions to stay suspended for an extended period of time, perfect for creating mesmerizing effects. Whether you want to fully fill a snow globe tumbler with just one color or create a tie-dye effect with multiple colors, Motionless Magic Layers will help you achieve this goal! The colors won't blend but can slowly mix, resulting in a unique and cool visual display. No need to mix or add anything else - we've created everything you need in each bottle to make instant magic happen! 

Please add to your care instructions for your customers not to vigorously shake their tumblers to help protect the layering  


Craft with ease: Get ready to take the guesswork out of crafting with our vibrant and highly pigmented pre-mixed solution, designed to help you create magic effortlessly!

❤️ Suspended Dreams: Experience suspended dreams with Motionless Magic Layers that will stay suspended for a very long time, eliminating the need to shake and reset!

🌈 Unlimited Creativity: Unleash your unlimited creativity with colors that can be used individually or mixed to create a one-of-a-kind tie dye effect! Let your imagination run wild!

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