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Binding Potion

Binding Potion

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Embrace the enchantment of Binding Potion, your gateway to a world where creativity knows no bounds! Imagine a powerful sealer that effortlessly embraces the magical, the physical, and the spiritual, ensuring your treasures remain securely bound, come rain or shine.

🔮 Unparalleled Binding Power: Safely provides an impeccable seal on wood, glitter, vinyl, striping tape, and more! No more movement of elements in your crafts, saving you time and money. 

💧 Waterproof Brilliance: Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing your items are not only secure but also safeguarded against the elements.

🎨 Crafted for Crafters, by Crafters: A water-based sealer personally curated for artisans, offering unparalleled versatility.

🌟 Limitless Creativity: Perfect for mixing with paints, colorants, mica, or standalone application, the possibilities for usage are endless. 

🌿 Eco-Friendly Assurance: Binding Potion contains no VOCs, supporting an environmentally conscious approach to your craft.

🕒 Efficiency Unleashed: Experience rapid drying in just 30-60 minutes, tailored to your specific climate.

User-Friendly Application: Apply effortlessly with your finger, gloved hand, or brush, making your creative journey smoother than ever.


Do's and Don'ts of Binding Potion

Can I use heat to speed up the drying process?: No! Do not add any additional heat once you apply this product. Being a water-based product, heat will cause a reaction and impact the overall appearance and functionality of Binding Potion. 

Can I apply glitter with Binding Potion?: You can if you choose to! Our glitter glues are designed to be for glitter application but Binding Potion works as well.

Will Binding Potion dry clear?: Yes! It will go on semi-cloudy but it will dry clear. 

Is Binding Potion an epoxy-alternative?: No! Binding Potion can not be used in place of an epoxy coating or an epoxy-alternative coating. This will still require tumblers or craft items to be coated with a top coat. 

Can I use Binding Potion with an epoxy-alternative?: Yes! Binding potion works great with an epoxy-alternative coating as well as Epoxy. Just make sure to let the potion dry completely before coating. 

Can I use Binding Potion to ink-printed decals?: No, Binding potion is water-based and inkjet printers use an ink that is also water-based, which will cause the ink to run. 

Will I need more than one coat to seal my glitter?: You shouldn't! One thin coat and making sure everything is coated should be enough to seal that glitter down! 

My Binding Potion didn't dry in 60 minutes, what happened?: The thicker the coat, the longer the Binding Potion will take to dry so you might have just put it on a little thick. No worries, it will dry! It is important though to make sure it is all dry before moving on to the next steps of your project and to let it dry naturally. 

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